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Our solutions

ShareBike operates its own fleets, but also helps cities, startups and transport operators with complete solutions or stand alone services to achieve their goals.

Our solutions are affordable, scalable and we can offer tailor made customisations.

Our partners give us the ability to control manufacturing in China,
outsource it to Europe in addition to our in-house capability.
ShareBike provides both software and hardware solutions for new mobility.
LISA – ShareBike’s complete software solution for shared mobility
ShareBike has developed its own software solution LISA, which includes backend, customer care interface and user interface via an app.

The solution is used on all ShareBike's own installations but is also offered to third parties - as a white label solution or simply integrated with another solution.

The solution is modern and based on the Google Cloud platform. This is an affordable alternative for those who are going to start their business and are looking for quick implementation and future scalability, as well as for ongoing operators that would like to switch to a more flexible platform.
eBike fleets with induction charging infrastructure and intelligent docking
This is ShareBike's solution for cities, businesses and for customers seeking a complete solution with charging infrastructure.

Bicycles and dockings are intelligent and the charging solution is not based on mechanical - but wireless induction which provides lower maintenance.

The solution is delivered with both off road and city bikes, and is 100% integrated with our LISA software solution and user app.
Stand alone eBike fleets with geofenced solutions and incentives via the user app.
ShareBike offers solutions where the charging infrastructure is replaced by battery swop.

This solution works with virtual parking zones and uses incentives to prevent unwanted parking of bicycles, use outside opening hours or in prohibited areas.

Our software solution communicates with the bike to know its position, rent- and health status at all time and the bike's engine and wheel hub are locked when parking.
Low barrier micro mobility for fast implementation and at a low cost
By using IoT locks that can be mounted on any bike, we can turn an existing bike fleet into a fully automated fleet in a couple of days. Or if needed, we can also deliver any bike fleet with the solution.

Through our own software solution, we can offer full integration with other fleet management systems, and a high degree of flexibility - at a low price.

A fleet could include a mix of bikes, e g with transport bikes.
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