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Renting a bike with
our ShareBike app
is now possible in:

Fredrikstad - Sarpsborg Bysyklær

Gol - Bysykler

Gjøvik - Bysykkel

Hvaler - Øysyklær

Levanger - Bysykkel

Lillehammer - Bysykkel

Nedre Glomma - Bysyklær

Raufoss - Bysykler

Setesdal - E-bike

Sogndal - Lokel

Voss - VossaBike

and a number of private rental systems

Here are a selection of our contracts
and bikesharing systems in the Nordics.
Each one has a local support website.

Users are asked to contact customer support for inquiries
- see contact details in the app under "i" at the bottom of the dashboard.
This is how you rent a bike
Download the app
for the system you would like to access - for most systems in Norway and Sweden, use the "ShareBike - Bikesharing app"
Register & add payment
accept the terms and private policy. details / register credit - or bank card
Choose the city
where you are, and choose a payment plan. Note that some systems offer a maximum rent per day.
Find a bike
by using the map, or simply scan the QR code on the bike you want to rent
Temporary lock
the bike if needed - open again by using scan icon
Lock the bike
pleaste note that you must end the rent in the app where bikes are placed in geofenced zones as it otherwise would register as temporary parking and you will still be charged.
We currently hold 3 contracts in the UK,
and are in negotiations with
several more councils to launch schemes.
For more information about our Joint Venture with TheBigIssue in the UK, please go to our web site
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